Piper Penguin and His Fantastic Flying Machines

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Piper Penguin and His Fantastic Flying Machines is a 2008 animated movie produced by Spark Plug Entertainment and directed by Michael Schelp. It was made to cash in on penguin movies from the time such as Surf's Up and Happy Feet, though it was re-released in 2011 to capitalize on the latter film's sequel.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Piper Penguin has a dream to invent a machine that will let penguins fly. But pursuing his dream has made him the laughing stock of Penguinville High. Even with the help of his friends Pepperoni, a fearless test pilot, Winthrop, a walrus that wants to be a rock star, and Penny, who has a crush on Piper, Piper's inventions never quite come together. His dad, a famous inventor in his own right, tries to help, but Piper's latest flying contraption almost destroys the prom. When Wiley, the killer whale and mortal enemy of all penguins, sets a trap for Penny and the citizens of Penguinville, only Piper can come to their rescue. But to do so, Piper must realize his dream… for a penguin to actually fly!

Cast[edit | edit source]

  • Oliver Wyman as Piper (credited as Pete Zarustica)
  • Kat Cressida as Penny
  • Peter Fernandez as Pops
  • Mark Gessner as Punch
  • Jim Woods as Peraldo as Cronies
  • Harry Cason as Winthrop and Coach
  • Denise Finelli as Miss Prim and Pickles

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